Women Seeking Safety 
When: Thursdays, 11 am, Starting February 8th 
Duration: Open ended 
Facilitator: Sandy Vaughn, LCSW 

Place:  In person - HC 100, Ocean Campus

Description: Seeking Safety is an open, drop-in group open to all interested women. Come for just one session or join us weekly for topics that rotate.  Participants will learn and practice science-based techniques and coping skills to increase their sense of emotional safety in the present and future (versus the past).  Topics will rotate weekly including assertiveness, boundary setting in relationships, asking for help, taking back your power, coping with triggers, and creating meaning and purpose. 


Self-Talk for Wellness  
When: Mondays, 11 am starting February 26th     
Duration: 4 weeks  
Facilitator: Sachi Uchimaru, LCSW 
Place: In person  - HC 100, Ocean Campus

Description: Do you feel like you are overly critical of yourself, or view experiences from a negative lens? In this group you will learn how to recognize your own patterns in unhelpful self-talk and how they can sabotage your goals, and learn strategies to replace them with more helpful ways to think about yourself and others. 

Stress and Worry: Exploration of Techniques 
When: Tuesdays 1 pm starting March 26th    
Duration: 6 sessions 
Facilitator: Vanessa de Brer, LCSW 
Place: In person -  HC 100, Ocean Campus

Description: Feeling stressed or worrying too much? Now more than ever, there is an increased awareness and understanding of just how much stress and sometimes worry can affect our lives.  We’ll look at where stress comes from and our responses to stress. We’ll find ways to manage our stress and worry through examining our thinking patterns and engaging in weekly meditation and breathing strategies.  We’ll review some Cognitive Behavioral techniques, explore worry, self-care practices, healthy boundaries, and time management and motivation approaches.   


Feeling overwhelmed and looking to get “Unstuck?” Try RIO! 
When: Mondays, 12 pm starting April 22rd 
Duration: 3 weeks  
Facilitator: Felicia King, LCSW 
Place: Zoom  

Description: The RIO (Recognition, Insight, Openness) program is a set of three 50-minute structured sessions in a group format in which you will learn tips, tools and strategies for understanding and managing difficult emotions, dealing with negative thoughts, focusing your energy, and setting and reaching your personal goals. 


Building Connections: Combatting Isolation in a Post-COVID World 
When: Tuesdays at 12 pm starting March 19th 
Duration: 6 weeks 
Facilitator: Marielle Ferreboeuf, LCSW 
Place: In person - HC 100, Ocean Campus

Description: Learn ways to combat the social isolation you may feel as a result of post-COVID life and living in a digital world.  During this 6-week group, we will gather to share the ways in which our social lives have been impacted by the isolation we all experienced during the height of the COVID pandemic.  We will also explore the impact technology has on our social lives. This group is designed to provide students with tools to build and strengthen social relationships in order to decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Let’s get together IRL to support each other in re-connecting!