Important TB Skin Test Information

  • "Education Code requires that all San Francisco Community College District employees (including student workers) undergo tuberculosis screening within 60 days of starting employment.
  • The first step of the tuberculosis screening is a review of risk factors for tuberculosis. If you are found to have no risk factors for tuberculosis infection, tuberculosis clearance may be granted by a licensed health care provider (Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Physician鈥檚 Assistant) without additional testing. If you have risk factors for tuberculosis, two-step tuberculosis skin testing or tuberculosis blood testing is needed.
  • Tuberculosis screening, tuberculin skin testing, chest X-ray referrals and tuberculosis clearance services are provided by the Nurse Practitioners and staff at CCSF Student Health Services (91风月楼 SHS). Tuberculosis blood testing is not offered at CCSF SHS at this time.
  • Tuberculosis screening is FREE at CCSF SHS for credit students who are enrolled in the current semester.
  • If you have had a positive tuberculin skin test or blood test in the past, an X-ray of your lungs is required within 6 months of starting employment. Please provide us with documentation from your health care provider, including the date of the previous positive test result (if known) and the chest X-ray radiology report indicating no active disease."

TB Clearance for Student Employment

In order for the Student Health Center to clear students for employment, students must start the Student Hiring Eligibility Process (SHEP) on Web4.

Instructions on the Student Employment Hiring Process